Vision Construct has our own "Patent Pending" Restumping System thats taking the market by storm.

Our unique system is quicker to construct, making it safer and less expensive than existing outdated building products.


Our system is safer, faster, cost effective and structurally gauranteed for 30 years.



Does Your Home Require Re-Stumping?

Re-stumping involves replacing damaged support stumps to a sub-floor area. This is normally necessary when the house stumps have settled as a result of soil movement, decaying concrete or when wooden stumps have rotted as a result of moisture in the soil. It is also a wise move to restump an older home that will be undergoing major renovations, due to the added strain on the structure of the house.

Restumping any house is a big undertaking and if it's not handled correctly, it could be very dangerous for you and your house.


Signs that your home may need Re-Stumping are:

  • Cracking to existing cladding or brickwork
  • Uneven floors
  • Doors/Windows not shutting right

Our professional and qualified team can assess your building and supply and action plan for repair.


Initially we would ask for the following to provide a budget quotation:

  • Location of your home
  • Existing type of stumps (concrete, steel or timber)
  • Height from ground level to underside of your floor
  • Number of stumps required

On approval we would undertake site visit and measure. With this information we would be able to confirm our quotation.